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How to get to the LZ at Lake McClure

Coordinates for the gate entrance are: 37.701431, -120.246882

Click on the google map image below to open google maps:


Ranger Station

Every vehicle coming to fly McClure will have to stop here and pay the day use park fee (currently $10)

  • The Ranger may not be present to run credit cards 

  • Use a blue envelope provided at the station and place your $10 in the white "iron ranger" (see pics)

  • Annual passes should be available to members in May


Gate to the LZ

From the Ranger Station, drive about 200 yards up and the first iron gate on the left will take you to the McClure LZ. Pilots meet in the LZ and load up to go to launch. This is where all site intros will begin. MLSRA members have the gate combination. Video below shows how far the Ranger Station is from the gate:


The LZ

McClure's LZ has a large and diverse landing area, plenty of benches and shade, turf for glider breakdown, storage, parking and a restroom. 


Enjoy Your Flight!

Look forward to your choice of uphill landings, downhill landings, sidehill landings, inverted landings, lift, sink, lift and sink simultaneously, soft grass, rough grass, and anything else you might want in a large LZ. You can land down at the lake shore if you feel like it. Enjoy all that McClure has to offer!  

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