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MLSRA membership forms and site guide information are available below at the MLSRA facebook page: (MLSRA Files) and at the MLSRA public Dropbox folder: (MLSRA Dropbox)

Pilots requirements for Hang Gliders include holding current USHPA and MLSRA memberships with H3-H4 USHPA pilot rating in order to access and fly the Lake McClure site. H2's can fly with site intro and observation described below. Paragliders (PG) requirements are currently P4 with current USHPA and MLSRA memberships and should contact the PG Site Committee for more information.

Place membership form, waiver and dues in drop-box at MLSRA LZ (on the storage container) or mail to:

MLSRA Treasurer

1542 Latherton Way

Folsom CA 95630

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